Sunnyside Up Micro-Farm
Barred Cochins LF - Huge, Gentle Giants w/feathered shanks!
Gold Laced - Gentle & huge from show stock Horstman/Randy Stoneback/Roland Doerr Lines. 

Plymouth Rocks:

Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks - prolific laying & amazing penciling. Quality stock! Dick Horstman/Tommy Stanlye/Charles McInosh/Superior Farms Lines!
Partridge Plymouth Rocks- great coloring and excellent layers APA Judge Tim Bowles of Ohio Very Scare Heritage Variety Lines.

Lavendar Orpingtons - Huge, Fluffy, Excellent Layers and the gorgeous Lavendar Color you Love! Hink-JC Lines.
Blue Orpingtons - Horstman, HinkJC, Klus Kluckers Lines Fluffy/beautiful, gentle and good layers! APA Judge Dick Horstman/Terry Disney/Korfus Clucker Lines. 
English Blue Orpingtons​
English Lavendar Orpingtons


Blue Copper Marans - Yes BLUE Copper! Stunning birds laying the dark choc eggs you love!
Black Copper Marans - Lay that dark, dark chocolate egg everyone loves Wade Jean/Ron Presley Lines
White Marans - Yes you read that correct! The RARE White Marans are STUNNING
Golden Cuckoo Marans - Stunning birds and of course the dark egg!​​

Gold Laced Wyandottes - Gorgeous lacing! Excellent layers Sterling Line!
Blue Laced Red Wyandottes - dark mahogeny color and great lacing! Foley/Foley & Sterling Lines
Blue, Black, Splash Wyandottes - Rare! Trophy for your coop Foley Line
Partridge - Stunning!  Exc Layers!

Light Sussex - Striking color, great layers. Ron Presley, Dingle Lines Greenfire Lines! Coronation Sussex - Pure. Greenfire Stock! Great lines! Beautiful hackles Greenfire Lines!

Silver Sussex - Beautiful Rare Chickens.   Great lines! 
Speckled Sussex -​

Blue & Splash Ameraucanas- Blue egg layers!  NOT Easter Eggers.  You will adore this beautiful breed
Cream Legbars
- Autosexing! Lovely, friendly and rare! Greenfire Lines! 
Double Laced Blue Barnvelders - Great Layers!
Rose Comb Rhode Island Reds - Dick Horstman/Bowles/Rick Bond Lines Excellent Layers w/ combs that are less prone to frost bite!
Swedish Flower Hens​​

Buff Brahma Bantams -  The beautiful golden buff bodies with black tails and laced hackles make them an extremely attractive bird.
Cochins - Mille/Calico, Black, Mottled Black & Mottled Blue - Exc bloodlines! Many awards. Sweet natured!
Wyandottes - Silver Laced, Blue Laced Red, Chocolate & Partridge - Exc type and color! Stunning! 
Orpingtons - Chocolate - Medium bantam breed that can be in w your standards!​


Available Breeds & Lineage
Our chicks are pure bred and from quality lineage. They are healthy and robust. We purchased the best of the best stock from around the country. Chicks can typically ship for $45 We also have older chicks and juveniles available for shipping or pickup. We are located in NE Ohio.

We accept PayPal. Please pay promptly so I can ship your chicks quickly! I package and deliver the chicks to USPS moments before they are picked up so they are not left sitting and will get to you ASAP. Please email with any questions!

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Prices are approximations and subject to change based on supply and demand, cost of feed and the time of the year.